The Benefits Of Lactic Peels: 1

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The Benefits of lactic peel

Lactic acid is a milk byproduct and is one of the gentlest forms of peels on the market today. This acid is found in the human body and used as energy during exercise. It also helps prevent low blood sugar. It is one of the largest acid molecules in the human body.

This is the reason a lactic acid peel is considered to be safer than other acid peels for people with health problems or those with the condition rosacea. The lactic acid peel is recommended for people who have never had a peel before because it does not cause the redness, irritation or discomfort as other peels. The healing time is shorter than with other peels. Lactic acid peels are the only type of peels that a person with rosacea can have.

Lactic acid peels do not prevent acne and does not work on deep acne scars. It is most suited for uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin and hyper pigmentation. The face and neck is the most common area on which lactic acid peels are performed, however, any area of the body can be treated due to the mildness of the acid used.

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